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The heroine throws herself into battle alone to save the human continent from being invaded by demons. What will be her fate? Includes elements of a classic 2D side-scrolling action game, story, skill, exploration, growth, and more!...
4-10-2023, 15:11
LonaRPG v.Beta.
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All the characters are 65535 years old, all the animals and monsters are just people in costumes....
4-10-2023, 15:08
Goblin Conqueror
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Kanami is a former dragon slayer who lost her job due to the disappearance of dragons. Her peer Yuzuki is a talented and elite goblin hunter. Despite their similar age, the relationship between Kana and Yuzuki has always been rather strained....
Tonight we'll have her in friends Autumn age ( Asakita ) A beautiful and hard-working girlfriend Miyama ( Everyone ) I want to see what I have in other guys !! I couldn't control the shallow recessions. After consulting with a childhood friend...
Villager Kairu had 2 dreams. To become a knight and protect the kingdom from monsters...and to have sex with all the cute girls around. After arduous training at the knight academy, he is able to fulfill his first dream. And soon, an arduous twist...
Within the defeated kingdom of Grubenhive, our main protagonist became a prisoner to the antagonistic Raymond Kingdom. Forced to engage in grueling labor, he was saved by a group of knights fighting to liberate their homeland. He was infatuated...
Immediately after the overthrow of the Demon King, the hero Aster is transformed into a girl by an unknown magic. Aster loses his heroic powers, but realizes that it is useless in a world that is beginning to recover peacefully. Aster starts a new...
For those of you who know the ending to this scary story. A little more about the interrupted summer vacation....
15-09-2023, 13:22
Hypnosis Pencil v.1.03 / 催眠えんぴつ
Japanese Games
You, the main character, are an unpopular male student. Someday I want to have a girlfriend, I hope to graduate from being a virgin, All I can do is wish, but I can't act... At that time, by chance Just by showing the written characters, The main...
11-09-2023, 15:17
Saint Gear Force v.1.1.3 / セイントギアフォース
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Give in to sexual harassment and fucking in the middle of a fight! Fighting sex role-playing game! This is a role-playing game about a heroine who works for a secret organization known as Saint Gear Force. As she fights her enemies, they will...