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Lustful women, creatures who once rampaged around the world with menacing force... Were isolated in a separate city. Not many men are willing to risk their lives to live in a city of these women with an astounding sexual appetite!...
26-06-2023, 15:13
Succubus Melnea + DLC
Hentai Games
The mischievous succubus monster "Melnea" One day she arrives in a village on Earth. She must seduce as many men as possible by the 2nd night....
26-06-2023, 14:58
Happiness NTR Kitan / 幸福NTR奇譚
Japanese Games
Two of the strangest cuckold tales in the world!!!! This is NTR...... for happiness! 65 kinds of CG. There is a function to open all reminiscence scenes. This work is made by RPG Tool MV. My beloved wife showed me a video of her cheating on me...
26-06-2023, 14:09
Divimera v.R9
Android Games
When a sudden storm sinks your ship, you, your sister, and her nanny are the only survivors. The three of you are thrown ashore on an uncharted island, but only two of you escape and end up in an undocumented British colony. Now your sister is...
23-06-2023, 12:47
Sexy Quest: The Dark Queen's Wrath v.1.01
Hentai Games
Sexy Quest is the story of a young man who prepares to become a royal knight. Everything goes wrong when an evil presence begins its plan to conquer the world at any cost. When the evil force finally awakens, it's up to our hero and his team of...
23-06-2023, 12:40
Run Eros v.1.02 / 走れエロス
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
Eros, an aspiring adventurer, arrives in the royal capital to visit her friend Selinetta. During the coronation ceremony, however, the fourth prince, Imoral, summons the devil. Trying to destroy the summoned demon, Eros becomes cursed and loses all...
23-06-2023, 12:25
Netorase no Saki
Hentai Games
Cuckold Simulator. Send your beloved wife to other men and listen to her impressions. The more often she cheats on you, the more your wife's condition will change....
School Nurturing Simulation RPG H-scene details(The largest volume ever!) H-scene: more than 33 kinds Basic CG: 74 More than 170 CGs of difference H-animation CG: More than 50 pieces (dots and defaults are supported) Illustrations with different...
This is the story of the protagonist, Enicia, who works hard to pay back her debt. Along the way she solves various problems and encounters sexual situations. The main erotic situations include prostitution, exhibitionism, seduction, deception,...
Immediately after the overthrow of the Demon King, the hero Aster is transformed into a girl by an unknown magic. Aster loses his heroic powers, but realizes that it is useless in a world that is beginning to recover peacefully. Aster starts a new...