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18-11-2022, 13:16
The Great Vermin Extermination v.1.2
Hentai Games
2 247
A girl named Amame sets off in her family’s ancestral tank, the Lucifuga, to defeat the giant insects that have infested the underground in this action-packed, all-directional shooter! If you do a good enough job, you may even get special shots to...
Sakuranbo Elementary School specializes in lolita-brand "okazuware" (fapware). Ths visual novel is on the concept of sex-training a trussed up pubescent little girl....
You, a man with a criminal record, are met by guidance teacher Popuri Shiodome at a certain school. Your penance is community service. If you fail in this duty you will be sentenced to death. Will you assist guidance teacher properly? The question...
A year passed since I remarried. My new wife has gone with her affair partner, but I live with two of my daughters-in-law in a good mood. My friends also play with them nicely....
7-03-2022, 13:24
Mama Is A Debauched Slave / ママは淫乱肉奴隷
Japanese Games
4 138
Her classmate's father took naked pictures of her. She had no one to ask for help and became a sex slave... Milk blew from her breasts and her fat belly took deep cock to the hilt! A lolicon doctor also got in on the action for a threeway....
Since their parents passed away, these sisters have gone through many of their relatives' houses... Many relatives have run out of their semen and fallen to the ground... Now, the men give way to their rage against the slutty sisters' temptation!...
5-03-2022, 13:49
Fairy Hunter GO v.1.02 / 妖精ハンターGO
Japanese Games
3 440
From the lost virginity of sisters to sex training, pregnancy, even birth... The cumspiritous ultimate nightmare begins now!! - handjobs & ero ero vacuum sucking on command! a last oral blast gets swallowed! - a favorite teacher pops her tiny...
5-03-2022, 13:47
Secret Naked Playtime / ないしょのはだかあそび
Japanese Games
3 316
Yui-chan's uncle pays a visit when her parents are both at work. Would she like some help studying? His hand strokes her bottom and her panty cleft. Uncle is a dirty lolicon. That night he and another known pervert help themselves to her! The next...
Aya-chan sisters who have moved to the neighborhood of the man's house, the main character. My parents are late for work, so I decided to take care of them at the man's house ... First of all, start mischief on Aya who put her to sleep with...
Claire-chan and Ruka-chan are bestest friends. One day at the park they meet a bigger boy who lets them come play at his house. They call him "onii-tan". He has lots of friends and they all want to play grownup games with Claire-chan and Ruka-chan......