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Some incident prompted you to suddenly change jobs in facilities management. You, who was supposed to be a good person, found a breach in your job and invaded a girls' school, and you fell for a sexual predator who sees through slumbering...
12-04-2023, 15:11
Imouto! Life ~Fantasy~ v.1.1.1 / 妹!せいかつ~ファンタジー~
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2 168
A fantasy life simulation game about living together with your cute little sister. Slowly, little by little, you'll grow closer to each other. Your parents are adventurers, meaning they're away from home almost all year round, leaving just you and...
21-12-2021, 17:45
Android LIFE v.0.35.1
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2 993
Before you get hit by Truck-kun, a strange light takes you to an unknown future. A strange girl saved your life, but not for free ... In the future, all men died from an unknown disease, and in order to fill this void, women created replacements...