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As a student who has just begun his life separated from his parents, we meet in a nearby supermarket a beautiful lady charming us at first sight, but fate does not favor, on her ring finger there is a ring... Upset, we trudge back to our new...
Claude and Ruby, in a partnership, live in a certain rural village. Finished with a ritual required to get married, they return to the village. Then, however, an army sent by the lord set the village aflame and kill people. Though Claude barely...
A simulation game in which a gal married woman drifting on an uninhabited island is taken asleep! Natsumi, a gal married woman, decides to go on a neighborhood association trip with her husband and a boy who lives next to her. However, the ship...
25-04-2022, 09:24
Wailing Guignol
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In this iron desert town, what I must defeat, what I must protect. Within the sand, the rust and the dark storm of violence, can the tale of one small love, be spun to its completion?...
Make my wife embrace a junior. And save the stars. The story of such consecutive holidays. Mamoru Suzuki had a habit that his wife Shiori couldn't tell. "I want to see her wife having sex with another man" Shiori Suzuki had a propensity...
Synopsis His husband, Ryo Kishida, and his wife, Yuka, were traveling by ferry to return home. Suddenly unhappiness comes to the couple who built a happy family. The Kishida family and their party were involved in a ferry accident and arrived on an...
This work is mainly about cuckolding and cuckolding. Tadashi Komano, the main character of an ordinary office worker, and his wife, Yahiro, got married and lived a happy life. However, when Tadashi hears about the man he had been dating with his...
16-10-2021, 07:48
Low-grade fever taste / 微熱の味
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Love that cannot be thrown away. Desire that cannot be thrown away. This is the story of a couple who moved to a rural village. "Miyuki" who loved her husband, loved by her husband, and lived a life without any inconvenience. One man she...
4-10-2021, 07:52
5 days after story / 離れ木の5日間 after story
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Distorted desire ... A husband who has been cuckolded and awakened to a propensity decides to go to a mixed bathing hot spring to show her wife's nakedness. There she is proposed to a man named [Endo] who she meets. "Why don't you just leave...
4-10-2021, 07:49
5 days off tree / 離れ木の5日間
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Komatsu couple in their third year of marriage. She is a wife who has been attracting attention as a beautiful woman since she was a student. Besides her beautiful appearance, she is slender and has big breasts. She therefore she has always hated a...