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25-07-2021, 14:43
Domination Elixir / 支配のエリクシール
Japanese Games
4 154
Young and beautiful knight-captain Rihanna, who is called "the strongest". A strong and proud female knight everyone longs for. Gokutsubushi, Gios, stares at her from the shadows with her lower eyes all day long. However, for such Gios, a turning...
Kenta applies for a job at a factory. But it's not just any factory -- here they make tentacles to their customers' specifications. And it's up to Kenta to care for them!...
Win / lose in events! * 51 scenes (28 erotic) peeing, blowjob, swallowing, internal cumshot, pregnancy, milking, gangbang, NTR / cuckoldry, flirting, X-ray view, missionary sex, doggy style sex etc....