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11-11-2022, 13:40

Zetsurin Senhime Rape Girl / 絶倫戦姫レイプガール

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Zetsurin Senhime Rape Girl / 絶倫戦姫レイプガール



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An incubus is an evil demon that disguises itself as a human being.
Renka Orihime, the daughter of one of Japan's leading conglomerates, was born with the ability to detect the presence of incubus.
In order to protect the weak, Renka fights lewd demons at her own risk.
She has a strong body, excellent physical abilities, and an inexhaustible sexual appetite. In front of her, the demons were helpless, and many of them died with their climaxes.
Evil shudders at the sight of this sadistic, beautiful girl warrior.
The whores call her with vindictive feelings, the abominable rape girl....



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