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I Am Hero / 俺が主人公 ~ナカに入って俺がダす!~

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I Am Hero / 俺が主人公 ~ナカに入って俺がダす!~



Original title

俺が主人公 ~ナカに入って俺がダす!~

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PC / Windows

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I Am Hero / 俺が主人公 ~ナカに入って俺がダす!~

Easy operation of the system and enjoy commitment, 3D sex with angels cute ♪
Illusion is the latest work, ADV games can enjoy a variety of 3D etch easy operation of the main click!
Willingness to work outside of this work is well-known writer has been hired as a new attempt, was drawn in the shape of a cute girl heroine is also a two-dimensional.
Of course, the sex scenes with realistic 3D technology that utilizes unique illusion is actualized!

The biggest attraction of this work, situations and diverse system of sticking to favor the sex scene!
Changes to the three levels of sperm density and dash "system succulence," Good features such as "fish sausage mode" to easily see the movement of the heroine instead of "fish paste" the phallic in the etch service system.
Cosplay costumes are also available, such as a variety of clothes and armor Sengoku maid student, to further Arabian costume, it is possible to enjoy sex in various situations!
This volume in the free mode after clearing, I can heartily enjoy the sex scene!



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