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29-12-2021, 13:59

Knights of Messiah IF ~ Captive Subspace Castle / ナイツオブメサイアIF ~囚われの亜空間城~

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Knights of Messiah IF ~ Captive Subspace Castle / ナイツオブメサイアIF ~囚われの亜空間城~



Original title

ナイツオブメサイアIF ~囚われの亜空間城~

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PC / Windows

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This is the story of Alicia and Maya, the heroines of this game, being kidnapped by Prince Ritz of the Kingdom of Windsor.
Celis, Rini and Riku go to rescue. It is located in the subspace of the Kingdom of Windsor.
To find the Windsor Kingdom in the subspace, Celis and his friends explore a "magic stone" called a gemstone.


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