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25-11-2022, 11:53

Vitamin Quest 2ND ATTRACT v.1.841 / びたみんクエスト 2ND ATTRACT

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Vitamin Quest 2ND ATTRACT v.1.841 / びたみんクエスト 2ND ATTRACT



Original title

びたみんクエスト 2ND ATTRACT

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PC / Windows

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This is a sequel to the original adult RPG "Bitamin Quest".
It's an RPG where an elf woman who can be called a filthy girl gets messed up here and there. ..
The Akumas from the "Human Bitamin" series, who were the bosses in the previous work, will also
become friends and adventure together in this work.
It's not much different from the previous work in terms of what it does.
number of CG is about 150 basic CG.
The number of scenes is usually about 370 for H scenes and about 130 for short H scenes.
Regarding the H-related animation of the battle chibi
character, this time it is a party of 4 people and the main character has the ability to become a loli, so there are
actually H-related animations for 5 people.
The total number is around 450.
It's like that I'm happy to have a baby.


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