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20-04-2021, 13:45

Confinement Is No Biggie For Kurumi-chan! v.1.1 / 実は監禁満喫っ? くるみちゃん!

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Confinement Is No Biggie For Kurumi-chan! v.1.1 / 実は監禁満喫っ? くるみちゃん!



Original title

実は監禁満喫っ? くるみちゃん!

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Kurumi-chan is a cute, weird girl.
While shopping with her rich friend Sacchan she's mistaken for also being rich
by an abductor that puts her in his homemade prison.
Kurumi wakes up and her first words are, "Dang it, I'm going to my anime tonight!"
She makes up her mind to escape. Can she break free and watch her show?

Seek an escape while pursued by a kidnapper.
Find treasure and consult helpful "where to go" memos!
Ecchi scenes in captivity!



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