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29-03-2021, 11:17

Maman's Quest 2 ~ Noah and Lilia's Mother Netrase / ママンズクエスト2 ~ノアとリリアの母親ネトラセ記~

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Maman's Quest 2 ~ Noah and Lilia's Mother Netrase / ママンズクエスト2 ~ノアとリリアの母親ネトラセ記~



Original title

ママンズクエスト2 ~ノアとリリアの母親ネトラセ記~

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Former nomadic warrior Lilia and her son Noah
lived quietly in the village after the last trip ...
One day,
Noah's best friend Loei's mother was kidnapped as a slave to the slave hall ...
Lilia and Noah, in order to bring back the mother's best friend pardoned a "certain forces" than large Auntie like I journey but ......
bestowed forces ...... was that "Lilia becomes stronger if Majiware a man"
Netra of mother-to-child The journey begins again!



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