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17-11-2020, 16:16

Jumble Strikers v.1.13 / ジャンブルストライカー

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Jumble Strikers v.1.13 / ジャンブルストライカー



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Rin-chan, the self-proclaimed hero of Doinaka Village, is fighting for peace in her village today.
Meanwhile, the kidnapping of a female martial artist in the Imperial Capital has reached the village of Doinaka.
Just when Lin thought she had fought off the kidnappers, the kidnappers attacked her with a giant worm.
She fights off the kidnappers in the nick of time, but Lynn is able to escape.
The next day, Imperial Princess Lucier and Melfi visit the village, and things take an unexpected turn...

Female martial artist kidnapping, bugs monsters, a girl who has come through time, and ancient ruins.
Can we please get to the bottom of this?



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