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27-03-2023, 14:05
Survival Game v.Build 28.02.23 / サバイバルゲーム
Japanese Games
1 355
You are shipwrecked on a deserted island, along with the other members of the boat. Soon it turns out that the island is inhabited by cannibal aborigines and various monsters. Now it's up to you to survive on the island with two survivors to choose...
I never thought it would happen. but I was getting tired of just jerking off every day. Luckily, my savior comes in the form of a sexy tall lady who gives me a strange ticket - a Sex Ticket. The moment I hand this item to a woman, their pussies get...
"Hatsuka Kanbara." She is the quietest and most serious student in the class. As a teacher, I persuaded her to stay after class, and questioned her about the situation in the student room. One day, after work hours, I caught one of the students...
27-03-2023, 13:13
Estra's Labyrinth / エストラの迷宮
Japanese Games
A 3D roguelike role-playing game, Aestra's Labyrinth: Monster Girls and Imma's Dungeon, where you get raped by a monster girl if you get caught!...
One day, the main character, Ryo, invites his girlfriend, Miho, into his house and introduces her to her grandfather. While drinking the drink given by her grandfather, she gradually loses consciousness... She ends up having a sick dream of her...
22-03-2023, 19:01
Saiyuki v.1.15
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
3 103
A "Journey to the West" parody action RPG! The story is about female Wukong, and her experiences leading up to meeting with Sanzang and the journey to Tianzhu (India).​...
The Player plays as a blacksmith who lost his memory, and fight through the dungeon by forging weapons with the materials he collected. All of the female enemies are usually very strong, you would be "defeated" quite easily if not careful....
20-03-2023, 21:37
Sakura's Chapter / 所长欲望症-樱之章
Japanese Games
This is an ultimate NTR FGO homage RPG made by the national (Asagami Fuji). Whether you are interested in FGO or not, the NTR degree of this game is so powerful that people can not resist. The main man belongs to the super Saiyan green level...
The art of domination, the forbidden art of manipulating the mind of an opponent at will, is the only way to defeat the evil sorcerer Gwynn. Almer, the Drow, and their companions embark on a journey to defeat the evil sorcerer Gwynn. If they are...
13-03-2023, 16:34
Iris in Labyrinth of Demons v.0120 / アイリスと魔窟のラビリンス
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
2 290
This is an exploratory action RPG that allows you to set a variety of difficulty levels for erotic animation, such as heterosexual adultery, pregnant births, cross-sections, and fertilization.​...